Tensymp 2020


Lance Fung, PhD

Emeritus Professor
Murdoch University, Australia
Chair, IEEE R10 Educational Activities
Senior Member of IEEE

Short Bio:

Professor Emeritus Lance Chun Che Fung received a General Certificate in Marine Radiocommunication from the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1974 and a Higher Diploma in Marine Electronics from Brunel Technical College, UK in 1976. After served as Radio and Electronic Officer in the merchant navy, he continued his study at the University of Wales and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Maritime Technology with First Class Honour, and a Master of Engineering in System Test Technology in 1981 and 1982 respectively. He lectured at Singapore Polytechnic in the Department of Nautical Studies and the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering between 1982-1988. Subsequently, he worked in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Curtin University, Perth from 1989 to 2003, while completed his PhD degree at the University of Western Australia in 1993. He was an Associate Professor in the School of Information Technology, Murdoch University from 2003 and was appointed as Professor Emeritus in 2015. In September 2017, Lance received an Honorary Degree in Information Technology from the Walailak University, Thailand, in recognition of his contributions towards the development and advancement of their research and postgraduate programs. Lance has been an active volunteer for IEEE for over two decades and is the current Chair of the IEEE Region 10 Education Activities Committee. He is also the immediate past chair of the IEEE New Initiatives Committee, the IEEE Conference Quality Community and the Technical Program Integrity Committee. His research interest is in the development and applications of innovative intelligent technologies to practical problems. Lance has authored and co-authored over 380 articles in referred journals and conference proceedings. He has also supervised over 30 doctoral students to completion. His profile can be found at http://profiles.murdoch.edu.au/myprofile/lance-fung/


Life Long Learning for Sustainable Development – IEEE Education Activities in the Asia Pacific Region


The theme of TENYMP 2020 is “Technology for Impactful Sustainable Development”. An aspect of the IEEE Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is “IEEE will be a trusted source of educational services and resources to support Life-Long-Learning”. The objectives of the IEEE R10 Educational Activities Committee (EAC) is “to encourage implementation of programs to serve and benefit IEEE members in educational pursuits in the engineering and scientific community in the Asia and Pacific Region”. In this talk, Professor Fung will outline the initiatives and resources available within the IEEE communities, and sharing of best practice examples on educational activities in the region. Suggestions with focus on life-long-learning and sustainable development will be discussed in the session.