Tensymp 2020


Dr V R Singh, LFIEEE

National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi-110012, India, and
Director, PDMEI and Advisor, PDM University, Bahadurgarh (NC R-Delhi)

Short Bio:

PROF (DR.) V.R.SINGH, Life Fellow-IEEE, Associate Editor, IEEE-TIM and Regional Editor of Int Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology. Prof. (Dr) V.R.Singh, Ph.D. (Electrical Engg), IIT-Delhi and Life Fellow- IEEE and LF-IETE, LF- IEI, LF-ASI/USI and LF-IFUMB/WFUMB, has over 38 years of research-cum-teaching experience in India and abroad (Univ of Toronto-Canada, KU Leuven- Belgium, Korea Univ, South Korea, TU-Delft, Netherlands, Univ of Surrey/Southampton, UK, PTB-Germany and others). He has been at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, as a Director-grade-Scientist/ Head of Instrumentation, Sensors & Biomedical Measurements and Standards, as well as Distinguished (V) Professor (AICTE/INAE) jointly with Thapar University. He has over 350 papers, 250 talks, 260 conf papers, 4 books, 14 patents and 30 consultancies to his credit. Under his guidance, 35 PhD scholars have earned PhD degree while others are working with him. He is the Mentor/Advisor of PDM University. Dr. Singh has been the Associate Editor of IEEE Int Sensor Journal (2010-2016), and is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements, Editorial Board Member, Biomedical Engineering Letters (BMEL) and Regional Editor of Int Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (IJBET). Apart from this, he is on Editorial/Reviwer Boards of other journals. like Sensors & Actuators (Switzerland), IEEE Trans on Engg in Med and Biology , J Computers in Electrical Engg (USA), J.Instn Electr Telecom Engrs, J.Instn Engrs -India, Ind J Pure & Appl Physics, J.of Instrm Soc Ind, J. Pure & Appl Ultrasonics, J. Life Science Engg, etc.
He is the recipient of awards by INSA (Ind Natnl Sci Academy)1974, NPL 1973, Thapar Trust 1983, ICMR (Ind Council of Med Res) 1984; Japan Soc. Ultr in Medicine 1985, Asian Federation of Societies of Ultasound in Medicine & Biology 1987, IE-I(Institution of Engineers- India) 1988/1991, IEEE EMBS 1999 and IEEE-2010/2011/2014, Sir CV Raman Award by Acoustical Society of India / 2018, for his outstanding contributions. Presently, he is IEEE-EMBS-DL (Distinguished Lecturer), IEEENanoTechnology Council-DL and INSA-YSA-DL. He has served as Guest Editor of Special Issues of JASI on Physical Acoustics and Utrasonics (2016-17) and Medical Acoustics (2017-18) as well as on IETE Technical Review journal on Transducers(2002). He is the Chair of IEEE-EMBS/IMS-Delhi Chapter, Immediate past President of Acoustical Society of India and current Vice President of Ultrasonic Society of India and has been theVice President of Instrumentation Soc of India, Vice-President of IFSUMB, Secretary of IEEE India Council and the Chairman of IEEE-Delhi Section. Dr. Singh is a Member of IEEE Standards Association. He was also Council Member of WFUMB (Australia) Ultrasound Safety and Standards. He has served as the Chair or a Member of BIS Committee on Elctro-Medical Committee in the past and presently, he is the Chairman of BIS-MHD-15 Committee. He has been the session chair,plenary/keynote/ invited speaker and on advisory boards of world congresses and national/international conferences, world over. He has been the Conf Organiser of WESPAC-2018, Nov 10 to 15, New Delhi.
His main areas of interest are : sensors and transducers, biomedical instrumentation, biomedical standards, computer modeling and simulation, biomedical ultrasonics/medical acoustics, POCT devices, neuro-sensors/implants, nano-cancer-technology, cancer hyperthermia, tissue characterisation, lithotripsy, WSN and u-health care engineering.




Development of health care devices and instruments is progressing at a rapid speed, these days, for different age group people living in different environments. However, technology is also changing and hence more appropriate sensors and systems are required to be made for quick and reliable biomedical applications.
Ultrasonic and other sensors have a big role in health care .applications, starting from basic biological tissue studies and diagnosis of diseases/abnormalities to surgical and therapeutic treatment. With the advances in technology, newer and medical sensor/transducer systems are being developed for various scientific, engineering and medical applications Advanced nano-sensor technologies are described here for new biomedical uses. Main emphasis is placed on the design and development of nano-sensors, biochips, IOT and cloud based systems, for better healthcare. The technology of ‘sensors -on- a- chip’. is also discussed. Case studies of cancer namo-technology, deep seated brain tumour therapy and biotelemetry of patients living in remote areas are given for better ubiquitous health care. In U-health care, wireless sensor networking (WSN) technology is applied in different environments. The new sensor technology would thus be very effective for quick health care at low cost..