Tensymp 2020


Sampath Veeraraghavan

Amazon, USA

Short Bio:

Mr. Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan currently serves as Chair of the 2020 IEEE SIGHT Steering Committee. As such, he is a member of the Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) established by the IEEE Board of Directors.
Mr. Veeraraghavan, an internationally recognized technologist is best known for his pioneering leadership and technological innovations in developing large-scale computing systems, advanced software technologies and systems engineering solutions to solve complex real-world computing challenges across multidisciplinary domains such as healthcare, disabilities, education, poverty alleviation, assistive technologies and security.
He received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA (2010) and B.E. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Tamil Nadu, India (2005). Currently, he works as a Technical Program Manager at Amazon, Massachusetts.
Mr. Veeraraghavan is the founder and director of the technology-based humanitarian program “The Brahmam” (meaning knowledge) which aims to address pressing global and local humanitarian challenges in developing nations through advanced technological solutions. For over a decade, he delivered technology-based sustainable programs that brought together the engineering community, Non-Government Organizations, Governmental agencies, engineers, students and disability advocacy groups to improve the living conditions of children with disabilities, impoverished women and students in developing nations.
Veeraraghavan’s exemplary scholarly contributions and leadership accredited him with numerous global honors. As an active IEEE & IEEE HKN volunteer, he enjoys volunteering and serves in global engineering forums to promote the advancement of engineering and technology. He has extensively contributed to numerous IEEE technology-based humanitarian efforts globally. He has been the IEEE Member & Geographic Activities Governor-At-Large (2015-2017) on the global IEEE HKN board of governors, served as the Chair for the SIGHT Projects committee (2015-2017) and IEEE EPICS proposal committee (2016-2018). Over a decade, he has served and contributed to the growth of numerous global IEEE committees such as IEEE HKN, IEEE History committee, IEEE SIGHT, IEEE EMCC, IEEE Public Visibility initiatives, IEEE educational activities, IEEE Young professionals and IEEE Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS).