Tensymp 2020


Yoshinori Kuno, PhD

Professor, Saitama University, Japan, SMIEEE

Short Bio:

Yoshinori Kuno received the B.S. degree, the M.S. degree, and the Ph.D. degree in 1977, 1979, and 1982, respectively, all in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Tokyo. In 1982, he joined Toshiba Corporation. From 1987 to 1988, he was a Visiting Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. In 1993, he moved to Osaka University as an associate professor in the Department of Computer-Controlled Mechanical Systems. Since 2000, he has been a professor in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences, Saitama University.


Heart Rate Measurement from Video and Its Applications


The ability to remotely measure heart rate from videos without requiring any special setup is beneficial to many applications. In recent years, a number of papers on heart rate (HR) measurement from videos have been proposed. However, these methods typically require the human subject to be stationary and for the illumination to be controlled. In this paper, we propose an HR measurement method that is robust to motion and illumination changes. We show that the method can work in various conditions. Then, we show some application systems using the method that are under development.